hara hachi bu

❤ॐ❤ eat food. ❤❤❤ not too much. ❤ ॐ❤ mostly plants.
cardamom nutmeg rosewater clove. turmeric ginger lime vanille.

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Some Illustrations to the Life of Alan Turing (Apple)

Henrik Olesen.

Legends of the Fall Fruit Salad.Seasonality gets confused in the heat of Southern California, and summer tends to shamelessly bleed its way into both spring and fall. This year has been an especially slow fade into cooler climes, making it difficult to ease into the foods I associate with fall. My nostalgia is craving roasted squashes, soups, and scarves. My body wants popsicles and watermelon. This fruit salad straddles middle ground, fulfilling my desire for fall flavor and my need to stay cool. Read more, and get the Legends of the Fall Fruit Salad recipe, right here.

Wish we were there.
Winter squash pies. 
Plum Semifreddo (Source: Migalha Doce)